Welcome to Winebiyori

Winebiyori is a small winebar with it's own wineshop located in Takamatsu, Kagawa.

There is intimate seating of up to thirteen people that includes the bar,  seating 5, and two wooden tables, each seating four.

Japanese wine

Japan has produced wine for over a hundred years, but little is known about it outside of Japan.

Our customers can experience novelty of Japanese wines through our selection of Japanese wines from all over Japan.



700 yen 

Our wine collection includes Sparkling, Red, White and Rose wine which can be ordered by the glass.


For customers who would like to enjoy a bottle of wine from our wine selection and drink it in house, there is an added 1,500yen bottle charge.

Soft Drink

400 yen 

For those who would like to enjoy our non-alcoholic beverages, there is a selection of coffee, tea, or juice.



a shingle cheese plate

700 yen 

1,500 yen 

To accompany your wine selection, we have a variety of cheese plates. You can choose from our menu of nine cheeses to create your own three cheese plate or choose a shingle cheese to enjoy with your wine.

three cheese plate


500 yen 

Our appetizer menu includes

our Tarte Flambée with bacon,

our Cream Cheese Prosciutto Wraps,

our Baked Potato Salad,

and more.


Wine shop & wine bar


9-15 Katahara-machi,Takamatsu,Kagawa